Bionalan faca roll: A strong and economic machine for your cover crops and harvest canes


Our faca roll Bionalan Biola has two ranges : one for farmers called Biola and the other one for wine producers called Viticut

Usefulness of our faca roll Bionalan Biola :

  • Destroy all type of cover crops, included grasses and legumes
  • Also for canes after harvest (maïze and other cultures)

Advantages of our faca roll Bionalan Biola:

  • No ground working with a knive roll that turns with angle iron roll, without ground contact
  • Thanks to its chain pinion system, knive roll turns very fast. Most agressive faca roll in the world of faca roll.
  • Possible to work above 4/5 km/h at least. Don’t need to be so fast just like other faca rolls
  • Light weight comparated to other faca rolls : 400 kilos by meter approximatively
  • Thanks to lot of knives, impacts in the cover crop every 10 cm maximum.
  • Possible to change agressivity : 3,5 rate between faca roll speed and angle iron speed with 35 and 12 teeths pinions.. Rate of 2 possible with 25 and 35 teeths, also possible to just work with ange iron if you puf off chain
  • Working width between 1 and 6M in front of the tractor, between 7 and 9M with combine.

Description of our faca roll :

  • Angle iron roll diameter 526, that rolls on the ground
  • One knive roll diameter 420, launched by the angle iron roll with chains and pinions
  • Chain 16B1, very strong with two pinions, bigger of 35 teeths


 Gable configuration


 Results  Use 
  •  Pinion desynchronization
  • Light defibration
  • Mulch the soil
  • Pinches the material to the ground 
  •  All types of low density cover crop 
  • Conservation of ground cover despite low density cover crop
  • Direct-seeding 
  •  25-35
  • 2,5 times faster chopper rotation
  •  Aggressive defibration
  • Mulch the soil 
  • Pinches the material to the ground 
  •  All types of high density cover crop
  • Reduces biomass to limit ground cover 
  • Direct-seeding 
  •  35-12
  • 4 times faster chopper rotation
  • Aggressive defibration
  • Mulch the soil 
  • Pinches the material to the ground 
  •  All types of high density cover crop
  • Cereal stubble
  • Canes of rapessed and sunflower
  • Regrowth from alfalfa
  • Grass, fallow, grassland redus
  • Pairing with tine or disc tools 
  • Plow
  • Direct-seeding