Weedcutter Selac

SELAC is our optionned weedcutter from 4 to 15M60.

Wit hits 13HP by meter and a  hydraulic motor for each 1M10, it’s the most powerful of the market.

Knives rotation is maximum 600 laps minute, to avoid wind effect just like belt machines with a very fast rotation.

You have a compensating system of cant and a hydraulic power station. On compensating system four functions :

  • Right and left cant
  • Up and down functions from 15cm to 1M80
  • Hydraulic third point for easy working
  • Folding unfolding
  • Two possibilities : electrical system (armrest or handle) OR directly on the tractor for 4 double functions tractor
  • Speed advancement between 2 and 8 km/h.