Weedcutter Bionalan THE SELAC : 

Weedcutter the SELAC ist more powerfull with a motor developing 13CH60 per meter, but also with a rotation knives the more slow. 

The SEALC ist the only to be equipped with counter knives with a system of rotating kinves : this system allows a systematic meeting between the weeds stem and the knives. 

She posses a sturdy frame and can also to be equipped with a hydraulic unit, simple and double pump with cooler and 140L reserve of HV46. 

Finally, its paint gives it incomparables shine and hold. 


Weedcutter SELAC is composed of two ranges :

  • Eco-Selac :

Ist our weedcutter going of 80cm  at 6m, she is dedicated to use for agricultural exploitation alone but also for the vegetable grounding. 

Ist strong point, is its economic aspect who allow of limited the price/HA and investment. 

This weedcutter is attached to the front or rear lift arms and contains a folding ramp without slope correction, which explains the limit of 6M60 maximum

  • The Selac :

Ist our weedcutter large flow, going of 6m60 at 15m60. She is dedicated to use more complete and more perfectionned.

She is equiped a sturdy frame and develops a power at the counter of 13CH60 and possess a annual capacity to use who can exceded 1000HA per year. 

This Weedcutter all options allows exceptional comfort and a speed of use of 12KM/H in very good conditions, howerve its use is generally on a range of 4 to 8KM/H.

Utility and description of the equipment :

  • Cutting the unwanted plants inflorescence
  • Stopping seed production and their dispersion
  • Mechanical weeding to reduce crop protection products
  • Coupling at the front or in the rear of the tractor
  • Hydraulic supply of the rotative knives
  • Several working width available
  • Counter-knives
  • Hydraulic power station
  • Ground tracking wheels
  • Compensating system of camber on a nitrogen ball
  • New trimming system with divider
  • Progress speed up to 15 km/h
  • Adjustable height of the dividers to adapt to the different types of weeds to be trimmed
  • No air depression
  • Intermediate chassis on nitrogen ball cylinder and central pivot
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Height adjustment on cylinder + lifting arm
Ecimeuse avant apres
  • Coupling at the front or at the rear of the tractor
  • Hydraulic supply of the rotative knifes
  • Several width available :
    • 4M40 / 6M60 / 8m80 / 9m / 11m / 13m20
  • Compensating system of camber + floating ramp
chassis intermediaire

Intermediate chassis for the camber correction with the option to move up or down the cutting

roues de suivi du sol

Ground tracking wheels

centrale hydraulique

Hydraulic plant

contre couteaux

Counter knives

  • Trimmer system with divider.
  • Progress speed up to 12km/h
  • Dividers height adjustable to fit all types of weeds to trim
  • No air depression caused by a low knives rotation (450RPM)
  • 13hp power, the most powerful one on the market
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Possible cutting between 15 cm and 1m80
ecimeuse bionalan 1
ecimeuse bionalan 2
ecimeuse 3
ecimeuse 4